Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ang liham na inyong mababasa ay hindi pagmamay-ari ng inyong abang lingkod. Hindi ako ang receiver nito at lalong hindi ako ang sender. Ninakaw ko lang somewhere, u know. Wala akong binago kahit isang letra o tuldok. Hindi ko pa din sya masyado nababasa. Kayo nalang muna guys. Hihi.
To the best guy ever,

Hi Jan Renzo! I sort of did this thing since I cannot be with you at exactly 12am. So I am hoping that you’ll read this at 12am and not earlier than that. Since I know that you’re too excited to know stuffs. So I really am hoping.. *crossfingers. Well first of all I will make this letter look boring hahahahahaha pupunuin ko ng words para tingin pa lang tamarin ka na magbasa pero I know you’ll read this =)) You will and you should. Like a boss ako eh well? Hahahahahahaha so ayun.. It’s the end of our 2 week deal!! Damn that’s fast. We are now officially together, I may say we are now a couple.. or not? Hahahahaha. And if you ask me later about something, you know naman I’ll answer yes. Ang qt no haha kasi it’s a deal and may date talaga haha. Even though I wanted us to be together na dati pa, I ought to postpone answering you since gusto ko exact 28 para we will celebrate our 1st month on your birthday omg I’m so great diba? It’s a hell of a month. We’ve been seeing each other like almost every single week since the day you surprised me, my birthday actually. I thank you for the effort of going wherever I am/was. It’s been 4 months of talking and getting to know each other. We started talking since February, we fought a lot, talked about things a lot, became rude to people a lot, eat a lot and everything. Probably because we are now comfortable in each other’s company and well that’s what I’m thankful of. Even though I somewhat convinced you to talk to me when you get mad of me. Like buti na lang you talked to me or buti na lang pinilit kita or else walang tayo. Omg there’s this word TAYO hahahahahahahahaha kfly. I know we’ve been through a lot of annoying little fights, ikaw kasi eh!! Hahaha pagbigyan mo ko okay you know red alert.. Hahahahahaha bilhan mo kasi ako napkin bby hahahahahahahahahahaha =)) But seriously, ayun I always say this naman sayo whenever I sort of wanted to be clingy diba? I am again thankful for you spoiling me, buying me tons of food and other stuffs. I thank you for always fetching me even though I’m always malayo or I’m lazy to go home and it’s because I don’t know how to go home kasi, so ayun the perks of having you hahahahaha. Thank you for being clingy at all times. For your long patience especially when I am very moody (fyi mas moody ka so feeling ko mas mahaba patience ko like duh). Thank you for always visiting me at home hahaha. Basta I thank you for everything. I am very thankful for having you like really. You are the best thing that ever happened to me on my last birthday. Thank you for going and for finally saying that you like me. I love you for that. I love you every single day. Whenever we see each other and you bring me home and after you left, I always have this urge of seeing you again right away. I miss you kaya buy me food na later ha!! hahahahahahahahahahaha yie qt mo hahaha k. Is my letter long? You should keep this ha. Effort to nigguh hahahahaha I’m so sweet ya knoe!! Be good always uh? Kahit na nakakadoubt yung ust friends mo lalo na nung nalaman ko yung.. Lammo na yon hahahaha. Well I won’t say anything else naman since I will not force you to change naman totally. I want you to minimize some stuffs lang. Wag lang sobra like smoking actually lalo na yang smoking. And can you please enroll na Please para sabay na tayo. Ewan gusto ko lang talaga para may proper way na ko na ipakilala ka when we’re both okay na. Like totally okay. You know naman diba? I trust you so please be good talaga kahit na minsan ako pasaway hahahahahaha. Pero friendly lang kasi ako haha and don’t worry as you read this, June 28, I am officially yours na. Formality wise kaya may letter. Para sureball na akin ka na hahahahahaha omg I’m so tight. Sorry!!:)) Qt mo forever haha kanta ka na lang lagi pls hahahaha. Right nao I guess you’re a but tired and lazy na reading this. It’s quite long diba? Haha sorry and I love you Jan Renzo. Let’s continue seeing each other every week please? I am not used to on not talking to you kasi eh. And not seeing you every week. Please bear with me when I am very moody. Don’t get tired of me bby pls hahaha i love you jan btch!!

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RoVee™ said...

I promised my self not to read this pero after few minutes I realized nakakatwa pala sya so binasa ko na hahahaha...

kaka asar haha.. not sure kung mali ba pag babasa ko or ung font mo may problema? di ko alam kung may error ba grammar ni girl or talagang ma-te-arts lang sya mag salita.. kakalokah you knoe hahahaha